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Rabu, 29 April 2009

Building Fresh Content for Search Engines

Fresh & unique content always plays an important role in terms of search engine optimization.
Search engines understand this and therefore places a great weight on the content freshness.

Websites that are regularly updated also encourage the search engine spiders to visit often.

For example, a web page that has its content updated daily will find that search engine visits and crawl's the page more often than the other less active pages. This clearly explains why blogs are visited frequently by bots as compared to other sites.

Perhaps the RSS feeds' is the easiest way to get fresh content for your website. These feeds can be found by searching for RSS feeds in the search engines.

Syndic8 and Feedster are some of the most popular feeds directories available on net. All you need is a RSS parser that can convert these feeds to real time content for your site and you will have daily content instantly!

A common RSS parser used by many webmasters is the Magpie Parser; this powerful open source PHP parser allows the coder to transform any feeds to relevant content pages. RSS feeds are a great way to create fresh content when one has no time to write.

Another great way to have fresh content is Reprinting Articles on your site. Lot of directories are available out there that lets the webmasters to reprint their articles. Reprinting articles involve very little effort and often allow the search engines to have new content to index for your site.

Though, many article directories limit the amount of times the articles can be reprinted on your site. Nevertheless, this is one of the easier methods to have fresh content.

All the methods mention above are great in creating fresh content, but it is also necessary to note that creating unique content for your site is another issue worth considering. The only way to create unique content is to write them yourself or get someone else to write for you. Weblogs are extremely useful when it comes to adding of new unique content.

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS for content management. It allows the owner to enable multiple people in a company to post new content so that a group of people can manage the content more efficiently.

Another method to acquire for unique content is to create a forum for your members. This is a very low cost operation if you have many supporting members who are active and willing to commit.
In order to display the latest information on your website to the visitors via search engines, updating your website pages regularly is must so that the spiders will visit and index more often.

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Jumat, 24 April 2009


logo XL Bebas

XL Bebas - Rp 18,000,000

O87 8O 8OO 8OOO

XL Bebas - Rp 6,000,000

O87 8O 8O 8O 8OO

XL Bebas - Rp 4,000,000

O8 7 8 9 1O 22222

XL Bebas - Rp 3,000,000

O87 8O 8O 8O 888

XL Bebas - Rp 1,500,000

O878 O878 2OOO

XL Bebas - Rp 1,000,000

O87 8O8O8O8O 5O87 8O8O8O8O 7O87 8O8O8O8O 9

XL Bebas - Rp 900,000

O87 8O8O8O8O 1O87 8O8O8O8O 2O87 8O8O8O8O 3O87 8O8O8O8O 6

XL Bebas - Rp 800,000

O87 8O8OO8O 88

XL Bebas - Rp 600,000

O87 8O8O8O8O 4

XL Bebas - Rp 350,000

O8778 1 11 2OOOO878 O2 O2 2OOOO87 8O 8OO 8OO 2O87 8O 8OO 8OO 3
O87 8O 8OO 8OO 6O878 O878 1971O878 O878 1972O878 O878 1975
O878 O878 1976O878 O878 198OO878 O878 1981O878 O878 1983
O878 O878 1984O878 O878 1985O878 O878 1986O878 O878 1989
O878 O878 1991O878 O878 1992O878 O878 1993O878 O878 1994
O878 O878 1995O878 O878 1996O878 O878 1997O878 O878 2OO2

XL Bebas - Rp 300,000

O878 O878 1957O878 O878 1958O878 O878 1959O878 O878 196O
O878 O878 1961O878 O878 1962O878 O878 1963O878 O878 1964
O878 O878 1965O878 O878 1966O878 O878 1967O878 O878 197O
O878 O878 2OO1

XL Bebas - Rp 275,000

O878 O2 O2 1999O878 O2 O3 1999O878 O2 O3 2OOOO87 8O 8OO 1999

XL Bebas - Rp 250,000

O878 O2 O2 2OO2O87 8O 8OO 8OO 4

XL Bebas - Rp 200,000

O878 O2 O2 1971O878 O2 O2 1972O878 O2 O2 1973O878 O2 O2 1975
O878 O2 O2 1976O878 O2 O2 1977O878 O2 O2 1978O878 O2 O2 1979
O878 O2 O2 198OO878 O2 O2 1982O878 O2 O2 1983O878 O2 O2 1984
O878 O2 O2 1985O878 O2 O2 1986O878 O2 O2 1987O878 O2 O2 1988
O878 O2 O2 1989O878 O2 O2 199OO878 O2 O2 1991O878 O2 O2 1992
O878 O2 O2 1993O878 O2 O2 1994O878 O2 O2 1995O878 O2 O2 1996
O878 O2 O2 1997O878 O2 O2 1998O878 O2 O2 2OO1O878 O2 O2 2OO3
O878 O2 O2 2OO4O878 O2 O2 2OO5O878 O2 O2 2OO6O878 O2 O2 2OO7
O878 O2 O2 2OO8O878 O2 O2 2O1OO87 8O 8O5 2OOOO878 O878 1951
O878 O878 1952O878 O878 1954O878 O878 1955O878 O878 1956
O878 O878 2OO3O878 O878 2OO4O878 O878 2OO6O878 O878 2O1O
O878 O878 2O11

XL Bebas - Rp 150,000

O8 777 OOOO 692O8 777 OOOO 762O8 777 OOOO 926O8778 1 11 197O
O8778 1 11 1971O8778 1 11 1972O8778 1 11 1973O8778 1 11 1974
O8778 1 11 1975O8778 1 11 1976O8778 1 11 1977O8778 1 11 1978
O8778 1 11 1979O8778 1 11 198OO8778 1 11 1981O8778 1 11 1982
O8778 1 11 1983O8778 1 11 1984O8778 1 11 1985O8778 1 11 1987
O8778 1 11 1988O8778 1 11 1989O8778 1 11 199OO8778 1 11 1991
O8778 1 11 1992O8778 1 11 1993O8778 1 11 1994O8778 1 11 1995
O8778 1 11 1996O8778 1 11 1997O8778 1 11 1998O8778 1 11 2OO1
O8778 1 11 2OO2O8778 1 11 2OO3O8778 1 11 2OO4O8778 1 11 2OO5
O8778 1 11 2OO6O8778 1 11 2OO7O8778 1 11 2O1OO8778 1 11 2O11
O8778 1 11 2O12O8778 1 11 2O2OO878 O2 O2 196OO878 O2 O2 1961
O878 O2 O2 1962O878 O2 O2 1963O878 O2 O2 1964O878 O2 O2 1965
O878 O2 O2 1966O878 O2 O2 1968O878 O2 O3 197OO878 O2 O3 1971
O878 O2 O3 1972O878 O2 O3 1973O878 O2 O3 1974O878 O2 O3 1976
O878 O2 O3 1977O878 O2 O3 1978O878 O2 O3 1979O878 O2 O3 198O
O878 O2 O3 1981O878 O2 O3 1982O878 O2 O3 1983O878 O2 O3 1984
O878 O2 O3 1985O878 O2 O3 1986O878 O2 O3 1987O878 O2 O3 1988
O878 O2 O3 1989O878 O2 O3 199OO878 O2 O3 1991O878 O2 O3 1992
O878 O2 O3 1993O878 O2 O3 1994O878 O2 O3 1995O878 O2 O3 1996
O878 O2 O3 1997O878 O2 O3 1998O878 O2 O3 2OO1O878 O2 O3 2OO2
O878 O2 O3 2OO3O878 O2 O3 2OO4O878 O2 O3 2OO5O878 O2 O3 2OO6
O878 O2 O3 2OO7O878 O2 O3 2OO8O87 8O 8OO 1919O87 8O 8OO 1928
O87 8O 8OO 1945O87 8O 8OO 1962O87 8O 8OO 1963O87 8O 8OO 1964
O87 8O 8OO 1965O87 8O 8OO 1966O87 8O 8OO 1967O87 8O 8OO 1968
O87 8O 8OO 1969O87 8O 8OO 197OO87 8O 8OO 1974O87 8O 8OO 1976
O87 8O 8OO 1977O87 8O 8OO 1978O87 8O 8OO 1981O87 8O 8OO 1982
O87 8O 8OO 1983O87 8O 8OO 1984O87 8O 8OO 1985O87 8O 8OO 1987
O87 8O 8OO 1988O87 8O 8OO 1989O87 8O 8OO 199OO87 8O 8OO 1991
O87 8O 8OO 1993O87 8O 8OO 1994O87 8O 8OO 1995O87 8O 8OO 1996
O87 8O 8OO 1997O87 8O 8OO 1998O87 8O 8OO 2OO1O878 O8 O5 1995
O878 O821 2OOO

XL Bebas - Rp 100,000

O8 777 OOOO 467O8 777 OOOO 49OO8 777 OOOO 745O8 777 OOOO 943
O8778 1 11 192OO8778 1 11 1928O8778 1 11 1954O8778 1 11 1955
O8778 1 11 1956O8778 1 11 1957O8778 1 11 1958O8778 1 11 1959
O8778 1 11 196OO8778 1 11 1961O8778 1 11 1962O8778 1 11 1963
O8778 1 11 1964O8778 1 11 1965O8778 1 11 1967O8778 1 11 1968
O8778 1 11 1969O8778 1 11 2O13O878 O2 O3 1965O878 O2 O3 1966
O878 O2 O3 1967O878 O2 O3 1968O878 O2 O3 1969O87 8O 8OO 1952
O87 8O 8OO 1954O87 8O 8OO 1957O87 8O 8OO 1958O878 O835 2OOO
O878 O846 1999O878 O868 1999O878 O868 2OOOO8 78 79 79 79 15

XL Bebas - Rp 90,000

O878 O821 197OO878 O821 1971O878 O821 1972O878 O821 1973
O878 O821 1974O878 O821 1975O878 O821 1976O878 O821 1977
O878 O821 1978O878 O821 1979O878 O821 198OO878 O821 1981
O878 O821 1983O878 O821 1984O878 O821 1985O878 O821 1986
O878 O821 1987O878 O821 1988O878 O821 1989O878 O821 199O
O878 O821 1991O878 O821 1992O878 O821 1993O878 O821 1994
O878 O821 1995O878 O821 1996O878 O821 1998O878 O821 2OO1
O878 O821 2OO2O878 O821 2OO3O878 O821 2OO4O878 O821 2OO5
O878 O821 2OO6O878 O821 2OO7O878 O821 2OO8O878 O821 2O1O
O878 O821 2O11O878 O821 2O12

XL Bebas - Rp 80,000

O878 O2 O2 195OO878 O2 O2 1951O878 O2 O2 1952O878 O2 O2 1953
O878 O2 O2 1954O878 O2 O2 1955O878 O2 O2 1956O878 O2 O2 1957
O878 O2 O2 1958O878 O2 O2 1959O878 O2 O3 1959O878 O2 O3 196O
O878 O2 O3 1961O878 O2 O3 1962O878 O2 O3 1963O878 O2 O3 1964
O87 8O 8OO 19 2OO878 O835 1995O878 O846 2OOOO8 78 7888 1951
O8 78 7888 1962O8 78 7888 1974O8 7888 6 34566

XL Bebas - Rp 70,000

O878 O821 1963O878 O821 1964O878 O821 1965O878 O821 1966
O878 O821 1967O878 O821 1968O878 O821 1969
border bottom

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logo Telkomsel Kartu As

Telkomsel Kartu As - Rp 250,000

O852 8666 9OOO

Telkomsel Kartu As - Rp 100,000

O853 12 13 196OO853 12 13 1961O853 12 13 1965O853 12 13 1966
O853 12 13 1968O853 12 13 1969O853 12 13 197OO853 12 13 1972
O853 12 13 1973O853 12 13 1974O853 12 13 1975O853 12 13 198O
O853 12 13 1981O853 12 13 1982O853 12 13 1983O853 12 13 1986
O853 12 13 1987O853 12 13 1988O853 12 13 1989O853 12 13 1991
O853 12 13 1993O853 12 13 1994O853 12 13 1995O853 12 13 1997

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